The Rambling Taoists

This blog focuses on a discussion of the world of ideas from the standpoint of philosophical Taoism


Here you will find an index of the writings of Ta-Wan, one of the three chief scribes at The Rambling Taoists.

May 2013
The Duality of Things and the Claims of One Thing or Another

April 2013
So This Thing Called Tao: What Is It?

March 2013
God Did It

February 2013
Life Is All for the Little ToeOf Course:

January 2013
Just This Unknowable WayIce Decides to MeltHow to Align with Tao or Become EnlightenedForget What Is, Was, Could or Should Be

December 2012
You’re At Very Best a Fiction

November 2012

October 2012
Fighting AuthorityYin and Yang Discovered By Science!Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Everything Was Perfect?Don’t Mind DaoYour Life in the Flow, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 & Part 12Rambling StilesThe Hidden MagicSpiritual Atheist 3.0Absolute Disproof of GodAbsolute Disproof of Free Will

September 2012
I Salute You, Your EmptinessBook 3Do You Know You’re Going the Speed of Light?The Way To Truth Is To Boldly Cast Away the FalseAs the RiverFrom 11 Dimensional String Theory to Zero Dimensional TaoWhat They Came to KnowWu uuuu wwei heeeeyDay Off WorkThis Is Not the Way!The Te of the Tao

August 2012
Looking Back to An Unknown FutureScientifically on the Path to TaoThe Zero UniverseStab Your Own Heart

July 2012
I Need Faith!Song of TaoYour Outer VoiceEnlightened Times Have Always BeenFlowTao Books: From Tao to Psychology

June 2012
My Friend Who Is Wrong, and My GrandmaFuturistic Human NeedsSpeaking of TaoThe Answers Are Not in the MindCongratu-mutilationsNursing the Children into WarEssentially Identical, Conceptually DistinctDo You Know?Aliens Have LandedFaith and Belief

May 2012
Good News! We Worked Out a New WayPointing to True Peace

April 2012
GodMoral Compassuntitled 2005Ever Been Bored Here on Earth?The Human Need for a GuideKilling Pride

February 2012
Religion or ContentmentQuestionsHuman ErrorWu Wu

January 2012
Speculative Reasons Evolution Would Be Against Free WillJust a Thought or Two TodayVinegarWe Meat AgainThe Wei Against the GrainWhat Else Is on Your Mind?Idealism & TaoismAll Is Well — The Mantra of Good GovernanceNot You again?Free Speech Is Over — The Rambling Taoists Are ClosedImagine John Lennon Always at Peace?Taoist Has No Life to LoseObjections to CharityWork in the Modern WorldYoungsters Picking Through the Big questions in LifeNews 2013United Diversity, PrideIn the ForestThe Most Suitable Philosophy…Leadership

December 2011
Disclaimer and FootnoteFlowing OnMultiplicity and ChangeSleepWorking on ConflictRight with TaoSlicing a BladeIn Response to the Status QuoWho Whistled?Here’s Looking at Me KidWisdom Is Like So SuckyLearning to LearnRecognitivenlightenmentVeiled UndressingBeyond Religion – The Dalai LamaAtheism on Christmas DayNothing to Say on the SubjectTao Essence and Zen RotWho’s Winning?Guilt!Guilt…EndsSensitive to Free WillHello Mr. Nailed Together Wood

November 2011
Pop!, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 & Part 10 ♦ In response to Andrew Cohen’s New Book EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening ♦ Learning to Speak in the Negative Person ♦ The Symbiosis of Dolby Stereo Brains ♦ There Is Only Oneness, Tao ♦ Mind Over (Doesn’t) Matter ♦ “I Think Therefore I Am,” Should Just of Been “I Am” ♦ Because & Defect ♦ Someone Is Wrong!!The Tao That Can Be Taoed ♦ Dogen, Chang Tzu & Confucius Entered a Bar ♦ Watching the Tao Dance + Have You Ever Done a Thing? I & II ♦ Being Pleasure ♦ Where Were You Before Your Birth? ♦ The Universe and Tao Have No FormA Curved Answer About TimeThe Information Singularity — LOVEUnlimited SurpriseHow To Sniff Air & Navigate LifeStillness in FlowUnknowingAre We There Yet?A Tao of Not Thinking4 Lines of SeparationThe Taoist Philosopher Sitting Alone Embracing All…ReReReincarnationRear View Mirror

October 2011
Happy To Have No Choice ♦ The Compassionate Model of Happiness ♦ Is Your Solution a Reaction? ♦ Your Sadness or Happiness Contribute to the World ♦ Tao With No Limit ♦ Why I Love to Read Scott Bradley, Our Modern Taoist Classic ♦ Evolution ♦ Material Excess ♦ Optimism and Simplicity ♦ Chocolate Tzu ♦ The Appeal of String Theory to a Taoist ♦ Free Will? ♦ Common Potato ♦ Normal Is Great ♦ Consciousness is the only known thing and the answer too ♦ Have you ever seen an Ego? ♦ Arcs over dimensions ♦ Defusing the Self ♦ Self Inquiry ♦ To See Or Not To See

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