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TTC Series

Running from 7/17 – 10/05/09, I presented a series on the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching.

Series Introduction: Around [The] Tao in 80 Days

Verse 1Nameless
Verse 2: In Opposition
Verse 3: Weighted Down
Verse 4: Empty Vessel
Verse 5: Impartiality
Verse 6: The Infinite
Verse 7: No Rewards
Verse 8: Flow Like Water
Verse 9: Too Much
Verse 10: Beyond Control
Verse 11: Much Ado About Nothing
Verse 12: Overload
Verse 13: Aim for the Middle
Verse 14: The Essence of Wisdom
Verse 15: Uncarved Block
Verse 16: Acceptance
Verse 17: Leadership
Verse 18: Failing to See Unity
Verse 19Forget the Rules
Verse 20: Fool on the Hill
Verse 21Without Definition
Verse 22: Flexibility
Verse 23: Open to Tao
Verse 24: Try Not
Verse 25: Tao Is Not Dependent
Verse 26: Keeping Control
Verse 27: Community
Verse 28: Returning Again & Again
Verse 29: Sacredness
Verse 30: Tao is Peace
Verse 31: Treat War Like a Funeral
Verse 32: Making Too Much of Distinctions
Verse 33: To Know Oneself
Verse 34: No Deposit, No Return
Verse 35: More Than Enough
Verse 36: Inside Out
Verse 37: Doing By Not Doing
Verse 38: The Sham of Premeditated Morality
Verse 39: Dull as a Common Stone
Verse 40: Born of Being
Verse 41: No Corners
Verse 42: One, Two, Three
Verse 43: Just a Little
Verse 44: This or That
Verse 45: Great Accomplishments
Verse 46: Way-Making
Verse 47: Seeing Without Looking
Verse 48: Let It Go
Verse 49: Connecting with All
Verse 50: No Place for Death
Verse 51: The Efficacy of All
Verse 52: In the Beginning
Verse 53: Side Paths
Verse 54: Ripples of Water
Verse 55: Childlike
Verse 56: Those Who Talk
Verse 57: Letting Go
Verse 58: Even Keel
Verse 59: Restraint
Verse 60: Frying a Small Fish
Verse 61Power Flows Down
Verse 62: The Honorable Way
Verse 63: Be Prepared
Verse 64: Journey of 1,000 Miles
Verse 65: Keep It Simple
Verse 66: Low Places
Verse 67: Three Jewels
Verse 68: Not Striving
Verse 69: Deployment
Verse 70: Look Inside
Verse 71Knowing Not Knowing
Verse 72: Restrictions
Verse 73: A Wide Net
Verse 74: An Empty Threat
Verse 75: The Good Leader
Verse 76: Rigidity
Verse 77: Drawing the Bow
Verse 78: Contradictions Abound
Verse 79: Right by Tao
Verse 80: Simple Lives
Verse 81Do No Harm

Reflections on the TTC Series

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