The Rambling Taoists

This blog focuses on a discussion of the world of ideas from the standpoint of philosophical Taoism


In January 2005, I — Trey Smith of Salem, Oregon — launched the blog, The Rambling Taoist.  For nearly 4 years, this was a one-man operation.  While much of the content focused on my ruminations about philosophical Taoism, it also featured my commentaries about the news of the day and my observations of the world around me.

In time, I moved north to the State of Washington where I finally landed in South Bend.

In 2009, Scott Bradley of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico (most of the time, he lives on a boat) joined the blog as my cohort and the blog was rechristened, The Rambling Taoists.

In 2011, Ta-Wan of Sydney, Australia came on board.  He is a very accomplished writer and thinker who also hosts his own blog, Tao Wow.  He also has another Taoist blog, Daily Cup of Tao.

Also in 2011, two Contributing Writers have signed on as well.  Shawn Tedrow is from San Francisco, CA, and Baroness Radon hails from the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Like Ta-Wan, the Baroness has two excellent Taoist blogs of her own: Tao 61 – Yin and Tao 61 – Yang.

As it now stands, visitors to The Rambling Taoists are offered a smorgasbord of thoughts and writing styles for your consideration.  It is our sincere hope that the writings of one or more of our authors will speak to you.  In the end, however, anything we write is nothing more than fingers pointing at the moon.

Each of us must find and walk our own paths in life.


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